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PH «Kommersant» was founded in 1989. Nowadays, it is one of the eldest Russian publishing houses and one of the most authoritative and influential mass-media in the country, whose main principles are efficiency, authenticity and objectiveness.

Daily newspaper «Kommersant» is a first private business title in Russia. Portfolio of the PH «Kommersant» consists of weekly analytical magazine «Kommersant Vlast», economic weekly «Kommersant Dengi», socio-political weekly «Ogoniok», weekly magazine about lifestyle «Kommersant WEEKEND», monthly shopping guide «Kommersant CATALOG», monthly automobile magazine «Kommersant AUTOPILOT» and monthly color supplement to the Kommersant newspaper «STYLE» about lifestyle and actual fashion tendencies & news.

PH «Kommersant» launched official web-site in 1995.  In March, 2010 «KommersantFM» radio station has started it’s regular broadcasting.

PH «Kommersant» applications are available for mobile devices operating on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms.