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May 15, 2008 The Russian Pavilion Opening

16:00 – 18.00 The Russian Pavilion Gala Opening
The Russian Pavilion Press-Conference



May 16, 2008 Film Production Facilities & Locations in Russia: New Prospects

10:30  – 11.00 Participants' Registration

11:00 Russia’s Competitiveness in the International Film Industry and the Impact of the Government’s Policy

Speaker: Alexander Golutva, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography, President of the Producers’ Guild.

The analysis of the governmental policy’s role in positioning Russia in the international film process, increasing Russian studios’ competitiveness in the face of filmmaking’s internationalization, stimulating competition in filmmaking and reducing risks of overheating in the dynamic growth.

11:20  –  11:30 Film Production Opportunities in Russia: Facts and Figures

Speaker: Alexey Sokhnev, CEO, Vusion Consult, Russia

The map of the Russian film production, development of the general infrastructure and the film production

11.30 - 13:00  Russia as a Place for Shooting

  • Presentation of the film studios and production companies;
  • The competitive advantages of studios and companies in the Russian Federation and in the international film process;
  • The range and quality of post-production services;
  • Prospective technologies and developments.

M. Gorky Film Studio
Center of National Film studio
Mentor Cinema Film Concern
Solar Film
Lenfilm/Globus Film Studio

13.00  – 14.00  NETWORKING

Communication, including pre-planned schedule of meetings


May 18, 2008 «Art. Film. Profession»

11.00  – 12.30  Master Class - director Sergei Bodrov «Mongol»

A sample of an international project targeted to the world market. Practical examples: preparing the shootings, structuring the project, the shooting, the post-production period.



May 19, 2008 Round Table «International Horizons of Russian Cinema»

10.30 – 11.00 Participants' Registration

11.00  – 13.00  Workshop “International Perspectives of Russian Cinema”
                       Organized under the auspices of Peaceful Fish Company

Moderators: Andrey Plahov (President of FIPRESSI); Juliane Schulze (Senior Partner, Peacefulfish)  

  • Effective methods of positioning Russian cinema abroad;
  • Arthouse cinema and films for mass audience – a sales system;
  • Possible foreign distributors’ participation in partial financing of Russian films, minimal guarantees;
  • Requirements for Russian films’ distribution in Europe and other countries;
  • Case study: Factors of Russian films’ success on foreign market.

Russian international festivals’ presentation to the foreign film community. Discussions on contemporary trends of developing festivals as art events, communicative centers and business places.

Moscow International Film Festival
«Spirit of Fire» International Debut Film Festival
«Tomorrow» International Film Festival

13.00  –  14.00  NETWORKING

Communication, including pre-planned schedule of meetings

16.00 – 17.00 “Central Partnership”, Russia, presentation of the company and cocktail party

Armen Dishdishyan, executive vice-president on international affairs, “Central Partnership”, Russia

17.00 – 18.00 Cocktail party

These events are freely accessible to all persons holding a Marché du Film or Festival accreditation and will be conducted in Russian and English.



*The program is preliminary. Check the precise time of the events in the Russian Pavilion.

"Vusion consult" is a co-organizing partner of the business programm